SILM Seminar

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Ongoing season: Season 2

Episode 6:

Daniel Moghimi (UCSD): Exploring and Synthesizing Microarchitectural Data Sampling Attacks via Transynther - -

Episode 5:

Satnam Singh (Google Research): Hardware Design and Verification with Cava - -

Episode 4:

Frédéric Guihéry (Amossys): OpenDTeX: secure boot and secure enclave by leveraging Intel TXT DRTM technology - -
Vasileios P. Kemerlis (Brown University): Protecting Commodity Software against Data-only Attacks using Hardware-assisted Virtualization - -

Episode 3:

Pierre Olivier (University of Manchester): Exploring Multi-ISA and Emerging Isolation Technologies for Systems Software Security - -

Episode 2:

Robert Buhren (TU Berlin): Taking apart AMD's root-of-trust: Reverse engineering the AMD Secure Processor - -
Leila Delshadtehrani (Boston University): Improving security through a programmable hardware monitor - -

Episode 1:

Olivier Savry (CEA-Leti): Processeur intrinsèquement sécurisé par le chiffrement authentifié des données et des instructions - -